NAD IV Infusion Therapy

As aging occurs, our overall energy levels decline and cause the body to feel tired at a quicker rate. The NAD will restore energy levels to help the body take on more activities and improve your state of living. Since NAD increases energy, it will also increase the body’s metabolism. This means you have the ability to get back into shape and keep your body balanced. Sirtuin is in the family of proteins with NAD and plays a role in your metabolic regulation. Sirtuin specifically plays a significant role in the aging process and your overall health. Getting NAD IV therapy can help its effectiveness, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Due to the cellular repair and anti-depression properties of this treatment, NAD IV treatment is also used to improve mental health. There are many uses of NAD, and for this reason, people who suffer from different health complications can use NAD IV therapy. There’s no age limit to the usage of NAD, although the dosage varies across the ages of individuals.



NAD+ is also known as the “Fountain of Youth” molecule reducing the signs of aging. Through the use of an IV drip, you will receive 100% of the NAD molecules and other nutrients.

Improved Energy & Metabolism

Because NAD IV therapy revitalizes your body beginning with individual cells, it offers whole-body benefits that almost anyone can enjoy. Increased energy levels are one of the most common reasons people seek out NAD therapy.

Improves “Brain Fog”

Maybe you feel like you can’t concentrate on a specific task, or perhaps you’ve noticed your productivity declining at work or school. NAD helps you achieve clear, focused thoughts.

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What to expect

NAD+ IV infusions will take approximately 2-3hours to infuse. You will be contacted by one of our practitioners prior to treatment. The IV will be started in our treatment room by an RN. The infusion will be a slow infusion to prevent nausea or too strong of a robust feeling. Feel free to bring a good book or a well-charged mobile device to keep you entertained. You can also simply take advantage of the time to take a nap.

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